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TAM Group Safety Manual

These sample programs and information have been drafted by Texas Mutual Insurance Company to help provide assistance to you in your safety efforts. These sample programs and information do not guarantee or necessarily represent compliance with any federal, state or local agency standards, rules, and/or requirements.

These sample programs and information should not be used without careful consideration of unique conditions and requirements you may have at your facility and/or work/job/secondary sites.

It will be necessary for you to modify/revise these programs and/or information for your specific/unique needs.

REMEMBER, you remain obligated to comply with all applicable local, state and federal standards.

Your use of these sample programs and information “as is” should not be considered a guarantee of compliance with applicable standards and/or requirements. It is strongly suggested that your final program be reviewed by a qualified/competent person in that particular field of expertise. Texas Mutual Insurance Company and the Texas Association of Manufacturers safety group (TAM Group) have launched two free safety training tools for members of the TAM Group. The tools make it even more convenient for you to control your costs by preventing workplace accidents.

Table of Contents

Many of these files are Adobe Acrobat files. You'll need the free Acrobat Reader program on your computer. Get it here: Adobe Acrobat Reader

  1. Accident Investigation
    1. Accident Reporting
    2. Checklist-Inspections
  2. First Aid Samples
    1. First Aid Procedures
    2. First Aid Performance Standards
    3. Heat Related Problems
  3. Miscellaneous Safety Forms
  4. OSHA Related
    1. OSHA Training Requirements
    2. OSHA Form 300
    3. OSHA Form 300A
    4. OSHA Form 301
    5. OSHA Booklet: Forms for Recording Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses
    6. OSHA Recordkeeping (Power Point)
  5. Return to Work
    1. Bonafide Offer
    2. Return to Work Pamphlet: A practical guide for employers and employees
    3. Return to Work Program
  6. Safety Meetings
  7. Safety Pamphlets
  8. Safety Program Samples
  9. Training Topics


For additional resources, please go to texasmutual.com. Click on "Resource Catalog" for sample programs, meetings, video tape, Power Point, CD presentations, along with posters, pamphlets, and other downloadable materials for your use.

Texas Mutual is proud to partner with the TAM Group to help you prevent workplace accidents. Please contact us at (800) 859-5995 or lp@texasmutual.com if you need additional help with your safety program.

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